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- Active Sister Schools!

In the pilot phase of the project, kids from Denmark, Poland, and Ukraine are warmly welcomed to play, have fun, and integrate. This integration-focused project aims to foster connections and bonds among the children.

The project’s goal is to create an effective, safe, and active environment that promotes physical and mental health, and healthy lifestyles among children, teachers, and parents through friendly cooperation of „Sister schools” from the three participating countries.

Active Sister Schools

What is Active Sister Schools?

Active Sister Schools is an innovative and international project that aims to create unity across school classes in Ukraine, Denmark, and Poland. Through movement and fun activities, students learn about each other’s lives, culture, and surroundings. 

The project provides a vibrant platform where kids from different countries can interact, learn, and forge lasting friendships. As they explore the world of dance and movement, they embark on a journey of cultural discovery, gaining insights into each other’s countries, cultures, and traditions. This immersive experience fosters unity and integration among the participants.

In the pilot phase 15 international teams, each composed of 3 schools from different countries will participate in the initiative, engaging in monthly competitions from September 2023 to January 2024.

All the challenges will revolve around three pillars: fun, physical activity, and learning.

Why Active Sister Schools?

Creating a safe space for Ukrainian children

The project was born out of a desire to support Ukrainian schoolchildren by connecting them with the rest of the world, even if they are learning in isolated shelters or away from home because their schools no longer exist. It aims to bring some joy and a sense of comfort amid their worries.

Inspired by pen pals

The idea behind the "Active Sister Schools" project draws inspiration from the classic "pen-pals" system, which has, for decades, forged strong bonds and helped children understand the daily lives of their peers from other countries. However, in this project, the emphasis is not on written communication but on movement, fun, cooperation, joy, and well-being.

Active Sister Schools - dzieci

Who is the project intended for?

The project is designed for students in the second and third grades of primary school, typically aged 8-9.

Ready-to-use tools

All participants will receive ready-made innovative materials as part of their participation in the project. These materials will include monthly packets, a starter packet, and a final packet.

Active SIster Schools
Active SIster Schools

Project schedule – pilot edition - 2023/2024

Fifteen schools from each of the three countries formed 15 international teams, and the teams had their names drawn during this ceremony.

As part of the first challenge, we invited schools to participate in European School Sport Day. They could also take part in the Danish School Sports Day (DSSD) or join both celebrations.

  • Children will actively participate in five monthly challenges.
  • Teachers will utilize ready-to-use, innovative materials and follow a regular instruction framework. These materials will be developed in cooperation with Krokiet and Lama Academy, the strategic partner of the V4Sport Foundation.
  • The program will provide numerous communication opportunities within school communities and foster collaboration among team member schools from different countries.

The project will involve recognizing all project participants, announcing the winners of the three international teams, and awarding these winning teams with certificates and prizes during an online ceremony.

Recognition of all project participants, announcement of three international teams of project winners. Awarding the winning teams with certificates and prizes during an online ceremony.

Active Sister Schools Teams



Do you want to join the Active Sister Schools network?

You're not participating in the pilot edition of the project, but would like to find your sister school? Please, fill out a short form and get a class to connect with in the future.

Who we are?

The project has been built on the long-term experience of collaboration between the V4SPORT Foundation (Poland), the International Sport and Culture Association – ISCA (Denmark), Danish School Sport (Denmark) and Ukrainian organization – the UkraineActive (UA).

The Active Sister Schools project has been funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.